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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Meters - Meters

One of the greatest albums ever in the history of funk -- the first album by The Meters, and virtually the blueprint for countless funk records to come! The album's bubbling over with classics -- all hard-hitting instrumentals played by the group in an effortlessly tight style, produced to perfection by Allen Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn in their classic 60s New Orleans style. A blinding masterpiece of bass, drums, and scratchy guitar -- with tracks that include "Cardova", "Cissy Strut", "Sophisticated Cissy", "Here Comes The Meter Man", "Ease Back", "Ann", "6V6 La", and "Live Wire".

The Meters - Look ka py py

One of the all time classic funky instrumental LPs, with a choppy tight funky guitar groove that millions of bands have tried to copy, but have never succeeded in duplicating. The whole thing's like a classic songbook of funky tracks, with killer cuts like "Funky Miracle", "Oh, Calcutta!", "Yeah, You're Right", "Pungee", "Look-Ka Py Py", "Dry Spell", and lots more. 

The Meters - Struttin

The rarest Meters record ever! This is one of the 3 classic funky albums they cut for the Josie label in their early years -- and it's about as hard and heavy and funky as you could get! The group's trademark scratchy guitar funk sound is firmly in place, and the rhythm section is nice, tight, and choppy. All tracks are great groovers -- and titles include "Same Old Thing", "Joog", "Chicken Strut", "Liver Splash", "Hand Clapping Song", "Hey Last Minute", "Tippi-Toes", and "Ride Your Pony". A bucket of breaks in every track

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kashmere Stage Band - Texas Thunder Soul 1968-1974

A massive exploration of the music of Kashmere Stage Band -- the legendary Texas funk combo whose work has been pushed heavily over the years by Wax Poetics, Stones Throw, and many others! The set goes even deeper than any of the previous vinyl reissues of work by the group -- and features some previously unreleased tracks, and alternate takes on their funkiest numbers! The Kashmere groove is incredible -- blasting horns, scratchy guitars, and funky drums --wrapped super-tight around a range of original material and some more familiar numbers --  with 18 tracks in all: "All Praises", "Thank You", "Scorpio (extended)", "Headwiggle", "Do You Dig It Man", "Getting It Out Of My System", "Zero Point (parts 1 & 2)", "Boss City", "Burning Spear", "Take Five", "Keep Doing It" and more!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kashmere Stage Band Zero Point

When these guys say "stage band", they aren't kidding -- as the group's got so many members, there's barely room left on the stage for the instruments! That doesn't stop the record from being plenty darn funky, though -- as the sound is right, tight, and outta site -- every bit as great as the group's famous funky 45s, and with a similarly hard Texas take on deep funk! The album's got some wonderful covers of famous soul hits, plus a few hip originals -- and there's some great moments that show the group hitting a more ambitious jazzy feel, one that recalls some of the hipness of the Chicago sound of The Pharoahs! Titles include "Al's Tune", "Scorpio", "Masquerade", "Walk On By", "All Praises", "Thank You", "Do Your Thing", and "To All The Beautiful Black Women".

Kashmere stage band - Out Of Gas But Still Burning

A stunning batch of funky big band tracks, sounding a lot fuller than on their first LP, thanks to an expanded lineup that gives them a whole new sound! The group are grooving here in a mode that's a lot like classic 70s blacksploitation soundtrack work, with a full ensemble that features funky drums, electric bass, and keys in the rhythms, plus lots of tight funky horns over the top.

Kashmere stage band - plays originals

An all-original set from the Kashmere Stage Band -- one of the funkiest combos going in early 70s Texas! The album features a range of tunes written by bandleader Conrad Johnson -- all hard-hitting numbers that take off from the group's roots as a funkier high school band, and which show their evolution into an even more jazz-inflected outfit! The sound here is very much in the mode of blacksploitation soundtrack work -- as the compositions are filled with light and color, and have a richness that goes far beyond funky 45 work -- but a groove that's stone cold all the way through. Titles include "Thunder Soul", "Do You Dig It Man", "Kashmere", "Head Wiggle", and "All Praises".

Saturday, February 23, 2008

KPM 1067 Big Beat Vol 2

The big beat here is plenty darn funky -- but in some really weird and wonderful ways too -- thanks to the genius talents of the mighty Alan Moorehouse, the legendary British maestro featured on this rare sound library album for KPM! Moorehouse is even more compelling than some of his funky contemporaries on the sound library scene -- because he's not only got a great way of cooking up a short, simple, soulful groove -- but he also puts the instruments together in really unusual ways, often to create sounds that veer past their simple origins, to make the grooves sound even greater! This album's a sound library masterpiece all the way through -- the kind of set that makes you realize why this under-exposed genre of music is regarded so highly by modern beatheads -- thanks to Moorehouse's use of organ, keyboards, funky drums, and a fair bit of acoustic guitar -- quite unusual for a KPM set, but all the more compelling. Titles inlcude "Boss Man", "Soul Skimmer", "Pop Pastime", "That's Nice", "West Coastin", "Angelic Gas", "Expo In Tokyo", "Rock It Again", "Rockin Boogie", and "Pop Mandolin".

KPM 1076 Speed and Excitment

Side A features seven tracks penned by Johnny Pearson with the funky pop of "Mini Motoring" and "The Ride Is Rough" certainly worth a listen. Opening side B are two compositions by Keith Mansfield; one of which is the instantly recognisable "Close Shave" - a funky uptempo organ groover with a great brassy chorus. Add to this "Action Replay" and "Thrills And Spills" by Alan Hawkshaw and this album should be towards the top of your KPM wants list

KPM 1044 - Big Beat

One of the grooviest sound library records ever made -- a whopping batch of funky Hammond heavies from British legends Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw! The rare set was recorded right at the tail end of the 60s -- and it's got a mod sort of style that mixes funky rhythms with some incredibly groovy work on organ -- all in service of tight, short tunes originally recorded for use in radio and TV, but which is easily some of the best instrumental work coming out of the UK at the time! Both players are at the top of their game here -- Hawkshaw, with plenty of those whomping grooves we love so much in his work with The Mohaws -- and Mansfield, with a clean lean line on the keys that's equally great. Titles include "Exclusive Blend", "Teenage Travelogue", "Teenage Ton Up", "The Mexican DJ", and "Red Square Stomp" by Keith Mansfield -- and "Studio 69", "Work Out", "Beat Me Til I'm Blue", "Senior Thump", "Tap Footer", "Delivery Date", "Man On The Move", and "Debsville" by Alan Hawkshaw.
This is meant to be the HOLY GRAIL of library albums but for me its still got to be AFRO ROCK check it below and enjoi

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kpm 1088 - Bass Guitar And percussion Vol 1

The KPM Music Library released vinyl LPs in the 1960s and 70s intended for television, radio, and broadcast usage. During the crate digging boom, library records became highly in demand for their incredibly sharp, break-filled instrumentals . There were several library labels, but KPM was recognized as the best, This LP is one of the heavy weight KPM releases with ill drum breaks fat funk tracks and plenty of percussion samples enjoi and crank up that sampler and please DONT FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Afro rock - music dewolfe

An album that is seen on every library wants list and is definitely well worthy of such an accolade. Composed by P. Reno and L. Vecchio, we are treated to ten tracks of pounding, funky afro-influenced rock and, to be honest, its a great album from start to finish and be left on the turntable to run from start to finish. Highlights would have to be the ultra-heavy drums and horns-a-plenty of "Megaton" and the extended workout of "Green Hell" that is more afro-jazz-rock in its styling, especially in the scoring of the flute and horn solos.

African Voodoo

One of at least two so-called "library" records that Dibangu helped put together, "African Voodoo" has some killer, killer instrumentals on it. Despite the title, it's not as exotic as you might think, nor necessarily even firmly based on Afro-beat compositions. Dibangu shows impressive range with a selection of different sounds and styles including "Groovy Flute", "Soul Saxes Meeting" and "Jungle Riders". I mean, how can you go wrong with titles like those and ones like: "Iron Wood", "Zoom 2000" and "Aphrodite Shake"? Dope-a-delic.

Monday, February 11, 2008

KPM Afro Rock

Alan Parker and John Cameron come together to compose this album that has become one of the most desireable KPM library albums. For once, the hype that surrounds this album is justified. From the opening "Heavy Water" to the close we are treated to 15 tracks of thumpin' afro rock rhythms and more percussion than you can shake a drumstick at. The pick of the tracks has to be the very famous "Swamp Fever" - a fantastic beaty pop track with heavy afro percussion. This track has been featured on many library compilation albums, once you hear it, you'll know why! Also, if you like "Swam Fever", check out "Safari So Good" and "Survival" - both definitely cut from the same cloth.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maceo And All The Kings Men - Doing Their Own Thing

Fantastic album of hardcore funky cuts, with a great jazzy tip on the righteous solos laid down by Maceo and the band. Recorded in the time that Maceo was away from James' band, with a crack lineup of players including Melvin Parker, Jimmy Nolan, Bernard Odom, and L.D. Williams. Nearly every cut is a lost funky gem, with funky bass, hard drums, and cool horn solos with a large sense of humor. Highlights include "Southwick", "Got to Get 'Cha", "Maceo", and the fantastic "Funky Women". This one was hard to find in the old days -- so grab it while you can and please leave a comment

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Polish Funk vol 2

A heady second helping of funky grooves from Poland -- an unlikely source, to be sure, but one that's filled with a huge amount of great tracks just waiting to be discovered by a global audience! This volume may well be even better than the first -- as it features a wealth of tunes that have a really unique approach -- not just attempts to copy American styles of funk, but some really original ways of approaching a groove! All tracks are from the Polskie Nagrania catalog, but a good number of them are on un-reissued albums that are so rare we've never seen them in the original -- including some great fusion, funky rock, and vocal titles alongside the more expected jazz. CD features titles that include "Further I Go" by Halina Frackowiak, "Atma" by Niebiesko Czarni, "Live By Yourself" by Zdzislawa Sosnicka, "Something Familiar" by Kryszstof Sadowski, "Back To The Old Colorful Days" by Wojciech Skowronski, "Princess" by Andrzej Zaucha, "You Will Want Me" by Czeslaw Niemen I Enigmatic, "Apha Centauri" by Grupa Organowa Krzysztofa Sadowskiego, and "I Shall Cover Your Eyes" by Maciej Kossowski.

Polish Funk vol 1

A definite "unique selection" of grooves here -- not just because the rare tracks are all from 70s Poland, but also because most of them have never been reissued either! The package is a wonderful introduction to the kinds of grooves we've been digging from Poland for years -- that mad mix of jazz, funk, fusion, electric, and vocal elements that somehow managed to flourish wonderfully during the 70s years of Soviet control -- a real musical marvel, considering the setting -- and because of tight border control, very few of these tunes ever made it out to the west! The track selection differs a fair bit from the kinds of full length Polish jazz albums that have been released to date -- as many of the titles here are groovier, funkier, and more electric -- and in case you're wondering, there's also very little crossover with the Compost Polish jazz set from a few years back. Titles include "Sorcerer" by Big Band Katowice, "You Want Too Much" by ABC, "Shaft" by Henryk Debich, "Note In A Crest" by Jerzy Milian, "Listen To The Rhythm" by Breakout, "Past The Pile Of Piles" by Grazyna Lobaszewska I Ergo Band, "Qualified Galley Slave" by Piotr Figiel, "Whatcha Doin Mister" by Bemibek, "Introduction" by Novi Singers, and "Coda" by Czerwone Gitary.

Friday, January 25, 2008


All bloggers will tell you uploading stuff takes a lot of time ,why is it there are 106 dl's on my library bangers post yet no comments im not trying to be an arse but this shit takes time and effort so a thankyou would be appreciated .
My other option is to go private but i dont want to , I started this to share my stuff and to educate but it seems some people need an education in manners.
So no more tunes until the comments start to roll in and ive got two real nice albums for you all
any way enough of my ranting

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dennis Coffey - Evolution

A landmark LP of guitar-based funk! Dennis Coffey had been playing, arranging, and producing all over the Detroit soul scene by the time this album came out -- so it wasn't like he really needed a hit to get paid or anything -- but the record forever marked him as a guitar player to be reckoned with, and it was a perfect showcase for Coffey's fuzzed-out funky style, instantly recognizable and still extremely popular today! The album contains the monster breakbeat cut "Scorpio" -- kind of a seminal text of hip hop -- plus plenty of other groovers like "Getting It On", "Garden Of The Moon", "Big City Funk", and "Sad Angel".

Baby Huey - The living legend

Fantastic! The lost link in the Chicago soul scene of the 60s was Baby Huey -- and he was a pretty darn big link too, if you've ever seen him in pictures! Weighing in at about 300 pounds, Baby Huey was sort of a rockin' soul star who played clubs on both sides of the city, to audiences of all types -- working in a party-styled blend of funk, rock, and soul that was one of the most powerful grooves going down in the Windy City at the time! Huey sadly passed away at a very young age, leaving only this full album as his legacy -- a great batch of hard-hitting soul tracks that are among some of the funkiest work ever recorded for the legendary Curtom label! The set includes Huey's classic version of "Mighty, Mighty", a club favorite from the live shows -- plus the excellent Curtis Mayfield tune "Hard Times", famous as an oft-used sample track! Other titles include "A Change Is Going To Come", "California Dreamin", "Running", and "Mama Get Yourself Together".

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mickey And The Soul Generation live disk

The second disc consists of six live demos. While these cuts are generally lower quality, both sonically and in terms of material, it's a revelation to hear a great funk band working through ideas -- to see how "U.F.O." grew from "Life's a Mystery" and how the group polished "Hey, Brother Man." Although there've been plenty of reissues highlighting the creative process of jazz and rock artists -- see Miles Davis' two-CD expansion of In a Silent Way or the Stooges' six-CD version of Fun House -- no one has lavished this kind of attention on a funk band. Iron Leg proves that Mickey and the Soul Generation is worthy of being the first.

Mickey And The Soul Generation

During the band's lifetime, Mickey and the Soul Generation knew little but failure -- none of the group's five singles, recorded between 1969 and 1977, enjoyed any measure of commercial success. However, in recent years the group has been rediscovered by funk enthusiasts, with those same tunes prompting epic record-buying road trips and frenzied eBay bidding.

The San Antonio sextet's appeal lies in its sound -- a concentration of the early '70s style of the J.B.'s and the Meters, eliminating the ballads, extended solos, and anything else that might distract from the groove. The resulting brew of organ, guitar, bass, drums, saxophones, and the occasional chant is as lean as a greyhound and as mean as a Texas trooper.

Lovingly compiled and annotated by the Bay Area's DJ Shadow, Iron Leg: The Complete Mickey and the Soul Generation features two full CDs of material. The first disc collects all 19 of the act's studio recordings, including an album's worth of material that many, including the band, thought was lost. The strong hooks and taut arrangements impress, with George Salas deploying his guitar with subtlety and imagination, from the foghorn blast of the title track to the atmospheric drone of the lone cover, the Temptations' "Message From a Black Man."

Friday, December 28, 2007

James taylor's 4th Dimension

Always-great work from the mighty James Taylor -- one of the few artists who's kept his groove going for over a 20 year period! Back in the 80s, Taylor first caught my ear as a "new" organist playing with a classic 60s Hammond sound -- funky, soulful, and right on the money -- and all these many years later, James is still very much at the top of his game, able to handle a Hammond with a flair that few other players can match! This set is a stripped-down, classic-styled affair -- a bit funky at times, jazzy at others -- always with Hammond in the lead, and supporting rhythm from guitar, bass, and drums. There's no vocals on the set, and Taylor gets plenty of space to stretch out and do his thing on the organ -- cutting some wonderfully mean lines that we'd rank right up there with classic 70s jazz funk from Charles Earland or Leon Spencer. Titles include "Picking Up Where We Left Off", "Dead Leg", "Showdown", "Acorn", "Mr Z", "Easy Time", "Boot Up", "Like A Fool", "Mincemeat", and "Special Plus Extra".

Thursday, December 27, 2007


FUNK45.001 The Brothers Seven -Funky Smunk/Evil Ways-The Brothers Seven hail from Texas USA, and the two tracks either side of this great 45 are prime examples of utterly tough heavy duty DEEP FUNK, the kind that collectors, DJs, dancers & funk fans around the world are screaming for! Two very rare tracks on one wicked 45! If you're into DEEP FUNK then you cannot avoid having this record

FUNK45.002 MICKEY & THE SOUL GENERATION -We Got to Make a Change / Give Everybody Some Pt 1-hard hitting & heavy duty funk from Texas USA! but the two tracks on this wicked 45 have NEVER BEEN PREVIOUSLY RELEASED! An incredible find from one of the hottest deep funk bands the world has ever known! Famous for incredible funk classics such as 'Iron Leg' and 'Get Down Brother', Mickey & the Soul Generation cooked up hot, greasy funk for the obscure Mr G label out of San Antonio. And now, after having been forgotten for over 30 years, this music has seen the light once more, brought to you only on FUNK45!!!

FUNK45.003 THE CHEFS -Mr. Machine Pts 1 & 2 -This can only be described as an utter MONSTER of a tune! As funk 45s go, this is also one of the rarest and most obscure of them all - only 500 copies were pressed on a tiny Milwaukee-based rock label, making them notoriously difficult to find, so much so that you'd have to fork out over £1000 to get your hands on an original! Like many groups The Chefs were inspired by the early '70s robot craze, and 'Mr Machine' is one of the best examples of the tight, rhythmical funk that was the 'in' sound. In music we all know that 'practice makes perfect' - brothers Don & Fred had been practising drums and bass together since they were old enough to walk, the result is one of the tightest rhythm sections ever to be caught on wax! And as for the psychedelic guitar twangs that make the track, can you imagine a wilder sound to blow your mind?! This is a funk 45 that has everything you want: hard heavy deep funk for the listener, dancer, collector, everyone!

FUNK45.004 THE FABULOUS MARK III -Psycho Pts 1 & 2 -It was the summer of '69 and funk maestro James Polk had just recorded a couple of tunes for his small Twink label . One of his neighbours was a member of a local band called the Fabulous Mark III. Polk heard them play 'Psycho' live and was promptly blown away. 'Let's record that thing and release it on my label' he said. And so it was done - few funk recordings have ever been so utterly demented as this!

FUNK45.005 THE "GREAT" DELTAS -Tra La La/Stand up and Be a Man -Most people into funk 45s love a bit of wild Hammond screaming away. A few heavy beats don't go amiss either. Add some chicken-lickin' guitar and you're nearly there. Put them all together with an infectious & heavy groove and you end up with this record.

FUNK45.006 THE FABULOUS ORIGINAS -It Ain't Fair But It's Fun Pts 1 & 2 -THE FABULOUS ORIGINALS hail from Dayton, Ohio and they cut 'It Ain't Fair But It's Fun' back in 1967 while still attending high school. Produced by the drummer's grandmother, Margaret Harris, this record truly represents the enterprise and spirit of bands who made music for fun and the love of it - the song title itself is a comment on the ethics of the music business at the time. Only 1000 copies were pressed, and needless to say they have almost all disappeared over the years, leaving original copies to have become prized collectors items. And when you hear the music, you can hear for yourself exactly why that is so… a fast moving yet rock solid supertight bassline and choppy guitar are the rocks upon which everyone gets to solo, include an inspired maniac on the flute! Wild and heavy funk with the sound where you just know they were really enjoying themselves, you even get to hear the shouts of jubilation at the end, listen through and you'll be joining in with them!

FUNK45.007 THE LATIN BREED -I Turn You On/Hard To Handle -THE LATIN BREED were formed from the ashes of another band responsible for solid Texan funk, Sunny & the Sunliners. Unlike Sunny, The Latin Breed had the privilege of recording in maverick producer Manny Guerra's famed Amen Studios in San Antonio, with Mickey & the Soul Generation watching on! Although recording mostly Tijano music, luckily for us they had the good taste to include deep funk in their repertoire too! This incredible version of The Isley Brothers classic I Turned You On is an explosive combination of Mexican heat, Texan grit and super funky soul. Pressed in limited numbers on Guerra's GC label as a promotional tool for the newly-formed band, the combination of breathy organ, swaggering bass and perfectly arranged cantina horns give this version the edge. Otis Redding's hit Hard to Handle was also recorded in the same style, and both tunes feature the deep, throaty vocals of singer Jimmy Edwards. Both tracks have long been known by clued-up funk DJs as being surefire floorfillers.

FUNK45.008 JAMES POLK & THE BROTHERS -Power Struggle /Just Plain Funk -JAMES POLK comes from one of the most musical of American cities: Austin, Texas. There was and still is stiff competition amongst the numerous bands and musicians in the town, and in 1969 James Polk managed to rustle up some of Austin's finest to create his band The Brothers. Good enough for James Brown himself to ask them to open for him, they promptly won the local talent contest 2 years in a row! Polk then knew it was time to commit his sound to wax. In the spirit of many other funk 45s, Polk bypassed the local and major record labels to release his music on his own label, Twink Records. Power Struggle' is an uptempo stormer with Polk on organ and bass, Yvonne Joseph's wailing vocals making her point known. 'Just Plain Funk' is a loping head-nodding deep funk groove that'll leave you looking to the sky craving an explanation as to why this fantastic band didn't record more like this.

FUNK45.009 THE SOUL LIFTERS -Hot, Funky and Sweaty / Brothers and Sisters -Nearly all funk collectors will agree that one of the tightest LPs ever made was Maceo & all the King’s Men ‘Doing Their Own Thing’. This LP was released on the tiny independent label House of the Fox, run by the late Lelan Rogers from his studios in Nashville. Rogers had the foresight, bravery and good taste and to release this LP by Maceo and his pals following their departure from the James Brown band. They were without doubt one of the hottest bands the world has ever known. Lelan Rogers certainly had a good ear for good funk. He even released a 45 by Eddie Bo under the moniker Curley Moore & the Kool Ones. But what we’re interested here is The Soul Lifters. Their sound is HARDER than Maceo! MEANER than Eddie Bo! If ONLY they had recorded more than just this one 45!!! Because BOTH sides of this little beast are so hard & heavy the listener is left reeling and begging to hear more of what this obscure yet talented band has to say! But sadly no other recordings were made

FUNK45.010 THE MAJESTICS -Funky Chick / Coming On -What more can be said about one of the rarest, most respected & desirable funk 45s out there? Of all the thousands upon thousands of funk 45s that exist, The Majestics ‘Funky Chick’ rates as one of the very best there is. But it’s not just the world’s finest funk DJs and heavyweight collectors who clamour after this record, the KFC colonel himself declared it lip-smackin’ good when he commissioned ‘Funky Chick’ as the soundtrack to a TV ad campaign recently. ‘Funky Chick’ indeed!
The “Majestics Two Toned Funk Company” made their first and only record on the Morsound label, owned and operated by guitarist E H Moore and his father. They pressed only 500 copies by the high school band - whose average age at the time was only 18 - but what a record! Bassist and leader Gray, who was the life and soul of the band, sets the pace with one of the most infectious bass lines in funk history, and Rayshelle's shouts and grunts do more than enough to drive the tune ruggedly onward. Gray vividly remembers the old days 'We were young and we had the spotlight on us. We thought we were stars, and we wanted to hit the big stage!'
Unfortunately circumstances prevented their dreams coming true, but little did they know that 30 years later their sole recording was to command scary prices on the collectors circuit, and would be played in funk clubs around the world. Not to mention to the munchin’ sound of lip smackin’ finger lickin’ southern fried chicken!

FUNK45.011 THE PCs LTD -Fast Man / Stickman -On this occasion we headed deep into the Carolinas where we’ve uncovered some supreme rarities in the world of deep funk. A little known local band The PC’s Ltd cut this record in the golden period of 1969/70 and the slightest needle drop will tell you it’s a good ‘un. A disciplined horn section, driving rhythm section and all-round super-tight funky feeling are some of the ingredients you need to make good music for your lip-smackin’ soul food barbecue, but when you get an arrangement designed for all-round soul excitement and the all-important party vibe then you can do no wrong! The PC’s Ltd cook up a real treat

FUNK45.012 ARTHUR MONDAY -What Goes Around Comes Around Pts 1&2 -As in all markets, the relationship between supply and demand dictates price. The market for rare funk 45s is no exception, and one of the most notorious of these is that by Arthur Monday.
Supply: it’s almost impossible to get an original copy Arthur Monday’s ‘What Goes Around’. Only a handful of copies are known to exist, and the lucky few who possess one do not want to sell. It’s a very rare record. Demand: Every funk aficionado in the world wants one, and if you heard it you’d want one too! This huge difference between supply and demand means the price is high – an original copy of Arthur Monday was recently sold at auction and for $4293 – easily the highest price EVER PAID FOR A FUNK 45!!!
with the vocal on side one and instrumental on side 2. As far as the music goes, there are few recordings that have captured the very essence of the deep funk sound as this. Sure it has all the usual ingredients of sweaty drums, rumbling bass, sharp horns and impassioned vocals, but what this record has that so many others lack is a certain spirit, mystery and vitality that few 45s possess. There was attitude in the studio the day that record was cut! Despite huge efforts to this day Arthur Monday has never been found, and his impassioned vocals on this recording have yet to been deciphered. Just what is the man singing about?! What was it that inspired him to create such an astounding beast of a record? Well now here is your chance to hear what all the fuss is about. It may not make you dance - it’s not dancefloor-friendly – but as The World’s Most Expensive Funk 45, surely it deserves a listen!

Library Bangers pt 1

Here are a few of my favourite library kutz pt1
enjoi and please give props

Library Bangers pt 2

my favourite library kutz pt 2

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Can you feel it

Incredible work from a group who've definitely earned their name! Naming a group SOUL might be suicide for a band that can't carry off the groove -- but these guys are funky monsters, with a real talent for a hard heavy sound that was rarely matched by other combos. The band have a great drummer, with a good talent for the funky break, but also a jazzy flourish that works well on SOUL's mellower numbers -- and apart from the usual bass and guitar riffing, the album also features some great funky flute, in a mode that's similar to some of Jeremy Steig's excellent early work. Some tracks have vocals and some have instrumentals -- but the whole album's great, and is an undisputed funky classic. Titles include "Can You Feel It", "Do What Ever You Want To Do", "Peace Of Mind", "Love, Peace & Power", and "My Cherie Amour".

What is it

Quite possibly the best album ever from this fantastic funky combo! The band grooves hard and funky -- with incredible drum work from Paul Stubblefield, tasty guitar from Walter Winston, and some famous funky flute and sax work from Gus Hawkins. Tracks on the album are rough and raw -- with plenty of breakbeats, and some very tasty funky basslines that work perfectly with their choppy instrumental groove. A few tracks have vocals, but even those boast a real strength in the instrumental department -- and very nicely keep up with the rest of the material. Titles include "Down In The Ghetto", "Burning Spear", "Express Yourself", "Soul", "Memphis Underground", and "Message From A Black Man".

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ernie k doe

A great bit of funky New Orleans soul from Ernie K Doe -- quite possibly his greatest track ever, despite his more familiar hits! The track's got a marching, vamping quality that's instantly infectious -- a romping groove that has snare snapping at the start as horns join into the groove -- all to set the stage for Ernie and the guys to belt out a really groovy lyric!

Friday, November 30, 2007

lay lady lay

A top session guitarist since the '70s, David T. Walker has never been an upfront soloist or flashy stylist. But his rhythm guitar and steady timekeeping skills have been heard on sessions by numerous artists. The list includes Marvin Gaye, Pharaoh Sanders, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Levert, Bobbi Humphrey, Johnny Bristol, Leon Ware, Stephanie Mills, and the Crusaders.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We all need it we all got to have it

the lovemaniacs sex

Monday, November 26, 2007

big afro bangers

I wasnt sure what to put up as my first post and after a bit of thought and where i want to go with heavy weight i decided its got to be Funky hilife for its reggea funk moment and Ku ka buari for what i can only describe as a massive drum break and remember please give props
whats up im goin to be posting some heavy weight funk, soul, hip hop and all things with beats