Saturday, February 2, 2008

Polish Funk vol 1

A definite "unique selection" of grooves here -- not just because the rare tracks are all from 70s Poland, but also because most of them have never been reissued either! The package is a wonderful introduction to the kinds of grooves we've been digging from Poland for years -- that mad mix of jazz, funk, fusion, electric, and vocal elements that somehow managed to flourish wonderfully during the 70s years of Soviet control -- a real musical marvel, considering the setting -- and because of tight border control, very few of these tunes ever made it out to the west! The track selection differs a fair bit from the kinds of full length Polish jazz albums that have been released to date -- as many of the titles here are groovier, funkier, and more electric -- and in case you're wondering, there's also very little crossover with the Compost Polish jazz set from a few years back. Titles include "Sorcerer" by Big Band Katowice, "You Want Too Much" by ABC, "Shaft" by Henryk Debich, "Note In A Crest" by Jerzy Milian, "Listen To The Rhythm" by Breakout, "Past The Pile Of Piles" by Grazyna Lobaszewska I Ergo Band, "Qualified Galley Slave" by Piotr Figiel, "Whatcha Doin Mister" by Bemibek, "Introduction" by Novi Singers, and "Coda" by Czerwone Gitary.


Slim Jenkins said...

Yo Diggs,

This shit is nuts. I only have one Polish LP, Breakout's "Karate," and this leaves me wanting more. The breaky halina frackowiak track is just crazy.

Keep it up!

-Slim J.

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff! Thanks for the effort..

makuma said...

I've just googled this album and found your blog.. Thanks for sharing..

Greetings from Brighton

Many Blessings

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Looking forward to another tremendous post. I always hear people raving about Polish funk but I've never had the chance to hear any for myself. I will definitely give you a shoutout on my blog the next time I post.

Peace and blessings.

Vincent the Soul Chef

Clay Falcon said...

Great discover, your blog! I think I will visit you often from now on. Fantastic stuff!!!

Greetings from an italian soul fan!

thesupremeunknown said...

Thanks for this one. Now my polish funk collection is complete. ;-) Your selections are really, really good. I will have to come by and leave some more comments on the weekend.

Burning Blue Soul said...

Hey Bro,
Jes' found your blog this afternoon and am amped to find so many fine titles here. Thanks for the Polish Funk 1 & 2; I have been wondering about them for awhile, and now I finally get a chance to check them out before plunking down the green--and if I like 'em I will be ordering them pronto from Dusty G. Thanks for the hard work and for scoping out the big jams for us first.

Stu said...

Hey man you posted Polish Funk 2 twice. The link for PT 1 is also Polish Funk 2 eventhough it's labeled as Polish Funk 1. Could you please put up a new link to Polish Funk 1 again. I already had pt2 and would love to hear part 1.
Thanks again!

purple_Crayons said...

never heard polish funk, but turkish funk is bananas. thanks for the hook-up

Anonymous said...

aaaayyyeee im from Poland and I only heard about artists but never heard their music. finally i can be proud of my country

The Humble Gent said...

Glorious glorious glorious.

Got to be the best blog for funk biscuits I've ever stumbled upon.

If only all blogs were like this.



The Humble Gent


CODY said...

Thanks for this post: I wouldn't have thought [Polish funk].

Anonymous said...

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sweetbeats said...

Quality Blog Fella,looking forward to this Polish Funk Stuff sounds rather good : )
Cheers Jason